Ingredients & Partners

Local & Fresh. We make the highest quality products possible for everyone to enjoy. Our salts are all natural--no added separators nor any chemicals.

By partnering with local farms and retailers we hope to give an understanding of where food comes from. We enjoy collaborating with local businesses, making every grain of our salts more meaningful. We have built relationships with farmers and food manufacturers, meaning we can trace all of our ingredients directly to the source. Our pure California sea salts are truly farm-to-product.

"All of the Big Sur Salts blends taste good and they highlight the ingredients from local purveyors."
-Carmel Belle, Local Restaurant & Retailer

Alvarado Street Brewery

Big Sur Salts partner Alvarado Street Brewery

ASB is a local brewery in Monterey and Salinas. We use the “Boysen Back in Town” Kettle Sour Ale in our Laguna craft salt blend. They also use our Pico Blanco sea salt in their Tayberry Kettle Sour Ale.  

Carmel Berry Co.

Carmel Berry Co. handcrafts elderberry syrup and elderflower cordials with organic locally sourced ingredients in the Carmel Valley. We use their elderberry syrup in our Morada craft salt, and their elderberry flowers in our Laguna salt.

Coke Farm

You may see ingredients such as Brussels sprouts, onions, purple artichokes, cilantro, and parsley in our craft salts. This certified organic produce comes from a local farm in San Juan Bautista, California.

Earthbound Farm

We source all our thyme, sage, laurel, rosemary, peppers, and lemon verbena from Earthbound Farm who has a local farmstand in Carmel Valley. All ingredients from there are organic.

Executive Chef Matthew Beaudin

Executive Chef Matt Beaudin has been an advocate and partner of Big Sur Salts from the very beginning. He has been executive chef of the Monterey Bay Aquarium since February 2015, and has brought the culinary program there to almost 100% sustainability. Chef Matt shares a kindred spirit of adventure with Big Sur Salts. Not only is he one of the first persons to experience cliff harvest, Chef Matt loves being involved in the process and sharing the story.

Monterey Bay Seaweeds

Monterey Bay Seaweeds

Monterey Bay Seaweeds is a local sustainable aquaculture seaweed farm in Moss Landing. We use their dulse seaweed in our Laguna craft salt, and the dulse and ogo seaweeds in our O-M-Chi craft salt. 

North Coast Roasting Company

We use the chaff from their organic single origin Peru coffee. Their Peru coffee is a medium light roast all hand roasted in small batches. By using the chaff, we are repurposing a natural byproduct of the coffee roasting process. Find this ingredient in our Lobos craft salt available from February to October.

Pezzini Farms

Of course we had to source local artichokes from the “Artichoke Capital of the World!” Pezzini farms grows heirloom Green Globe artichokes right by Big Sur in Castroville, CA. We use these artichokes in our seasonal craft salt, Castrochill.

Serendipity Farms

Serendipity Farms is an award-winning 20 acre organic farm in Carmel and Aromas. We use their organic blueberries in our Laguna and Diablo craft salts, za'atar thyme in the Fresh Catch exclusive North Fork blend, as well as their golden beets in our Cima Collina exclusive Palisades salt.

Swank Farms

Swank Farms provides tomatoes, cucumbers, and ginger for our craft salts. If you are a bell pepper fan, try our Tassafari blend.

Christopher Ranch

We use only organic garlic grown by Christopher Ranch of Gilroy, California - America's largest garlic producer, right in our own backyard! Their garlic is used in our Elote Tassafari Outlaw, and Lobos blends.


Label Art

Chelsea Belle Davey

Original artwork for our labels by Big Sur artist Chelsea Belle Davey

We purchased original paintings from local Big Sur artist Chelsea Belle Davey to use for our labels.