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of or containing water, typically as a solvent or medium.

Aqueous Yoga is the result of an epiphany by our founder. Inexperienced in yoga, and incredibly lacking sleep over a period of two + weeks, the idea came to him one morning, upon waking. 

"I woke up one morning and grabbed a pen and paper from the nightstand and just started writing for a solid hour. About 25 minutes in I stopped for a sec and looked at the paper. It was full of these symbols and some weird box thing and the name Aqueous and I said to myself, 'oh, it's a yoga thing.' Over the next 40 minutes, or so, I figured out what the purpose was and what I had to do. Wild, man. I'd only done yoga about 3 times and it helped me finally sleep. Now this."

With the help of friends and partners in the yoga community, and some time spent constructing the prototype in his backyard, Aqueous Yoga was born. A mix of yoga and Big Sur saltwater, heavily filtered to remove all toxins and evaporated slightly to raise the sodium chloride from 3% (the standard for ocean water worldwide) to 4%, Aqueous Yoga bridges the benefits of both. 

Yoga affects the parasympathetic nervous system, tapping into calmness. The brain constantly fires electrical signals into the central nervous system. Saltwater, an electrolyte, opens the electrical receptors in the skin. Combining the two creates a very powerful energy within the body and it moves itself outward into the ether. 

Saltwater has many positive effects on the skin including help with acne, exzema, dandruff, and may even help psoriasis. It also acts as a cleanser, exfoliant, provides hydration for the body, and softens skin and hair. The skin also absorbs trace elements of magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, and a handful of other minerals after being in contact with saltwater. 

We hope that you'll love Aqueous Yoga as much as we do. Classes will be available here soon, so keep checking back. Aside from this page, Instagram will be our main bulletin board for info on when classes will be available so stay tuned! Follow us! @aqueousyoga and @bigsursalts 🙏

*All classes will be outdoors only, for now. Obviously, all classes will be taught by certified yoga instructors, not the salt guy. Due to the hardware piece of AY, all classes are appointment only (no walkups).