Three Peaks

Three Peaks

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The Three Peaks trail in the Silver Peak Wilderness is one of the most intriguing areas of the backcountry. A nice place to camp, of course, with a variety of sun/shade options, a picnic table, and even a water source complete with a dunking pool. The trail, however, provides a vigorous jaunt into the wilderness, expansive views from a ridge line, and a wonderful variety of vegetation to awaken the spirited adventurer. 

The inspiration for this blend was born on this trail. An old homestead along an adjacent trail was a reminder that the wilderness isn't just a place to walk through; there's a familiarity to it. The most honest look within ourselves is an understanding of what's around us.

We kept getting asked, "Why don't you make basic blends, like lemon/pepper?" The initial answer was that it's been done, a lot. As time moved on, and the same questions kept being asked, we made a decision that if, for example, we were to produce a lemon/pepper blend it would have to be our way. 

Taking all of that into consideration, and understanding what's around us, we came to the conclusion that every Big Sur Salts blend consists of three things: salt, familiar ingredient(s), and something wild. These three things, our Three Peaks, are the foundation of everything we make. 

To celebrate, we offer a blend bearing that name. "Three Peaks" is our long-awaited twist on lemon/pepper, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 


Pico Blanco sea salt, lemon verbena, nasturtium flowers, pink peppercorns, lemon zest.


  • anytime lemon/pepper is needed
  • chicken and seafood
  • soups, stocks, avocado toast, in a butter