Morada Salt - REFILL
Morada Salt - REFILL

Morada Salt - REFILL

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Hey, maybe you have a container and you just want this salt, in a recyclable paper bag, for a few bucks less.

In folklore, the elderberry is one of the most coveted plants. The goddess of the Elder Tree resides in all parts of the plant, creating blessings from the berries, flowers, and wood. If an Elder tree grew near your home, this was an omen that your home was protected by the goddess herself.



Carmel Berry Co. Elderberry Syrup wild salt, Pico Blanco sea salt, hibiscus, rose bud, lemon zest.


  • an outstanding drink salt rim
  • au jus for wild game or on red meats
  • ice cream or butter topper
  • jams and jellies


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