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The meaning of the word "home" varies slightly across individuals, cultures, and specific circumstances. To most, "home" is synonymous with a place - a physical location. It's where comforts are found; familiar faces in loved ones, timeless moments captured, and meals shared while stories work their way 'round the table, fire, or morada ("dwelling").

Home is also where we run to when the world is collapsing around us. It's a feeling, as well as a place. Safety and strength live here - sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul. Elderberries are renowned for revitalizing the spirit, and have been used as medicine in many homes, once again, across individuals, cultures, and specific circumstances.

Folklore has the elderberry as one of the most coveted plants in that the goddess of the Elder Tree resides in all parts of the plant, creating blessings from the berries, flowers, and wood. If an Elder tree grew near your home, this was an omen that your home was protected by the goddess, herself. The word "elder" is derived from the English words "aeld" and "eldrun" meaning "fire" or "furnace", and branches of the tree were hollowed out and used to blow air into the fire, thus increasing the flame. 

Now, tell me... what stories will you bring to the table?


Carmel Berry Co. Elderberry Syrup wild salt, Pico Blanco sea salt, hibiscus, rose bud, lemon zest.


  • an outstanding drink salt rim
  • au jus for wild game or on red meats
  • ice cream or butter topper
  • jams and jellies