Just the Basics

Just the Basics

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Just the basics! If you've never tried Big Sur Salts before, or you're a seasoned pro, our Pico Blanco Salt and Old Coast Salt are a small step into a larger world. 

INGREDIENTS: 4 oz. each

PICO BLANCO SALT - 100% hand harvested large granule salt from Big Sur, CA. 

OLD COAST SALT - Pico Blanco sea salt, sagebrush, leek, thyme, orange. 



PICO BLANCO SALT: As a finishing salt. Over greens or avocado toast. Daily use, in your salt grinder.

OLD COAST SALT: Use in or over butter for bread service, with most cheeses, on chicken and pork, in soups or soup stocks, in stews, and over finished meats. A great addition to salads and dressings!