Chef's Box Set

Chef's Box Set

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A wonderful curation of 4 amazing salts! Included is the base of everything we do, our Pico Blanco Salt, but, an exclusive to this set, a coarse version, that's only sold commercially. Also offered in the box is one of our all-time top sellers, Elote Salt. Rounding third in this homerun of the hearth is the chef's favorite, Black Cone Salt. 

And, finally, as a nod to our extremely popular neighbor - Gilroy, California... Gavilán; a Big Sur infused garlic salt you're sure to love!

INGREDIENTS: 4 oz each

PICO BLANCO SALT - 100% hand harvested coarse salt from Big Sur, CA. 

ELOTE SALT - Pico Blanco sea salt, chipotle pepper, cilantro, garlic, lemon, lime.

BLACK CONE SALT - oak smoked Pico Blanco flake salt, activated charcoal.

GAVILÁN SALT - Pico Blanco sea salt, Christopher Ranch organic garlic, green onion, organic minced garlic, mustard flower.



PICO BLANCO SALT: As a finishing salt. Over greens or avocado toast. Daily use, in your salt grinder.

ELOTE SALT: Recommended in any dish that requires a smoky, spicy flavor. It will “next level” your weekend barbecue or create a totally new, interesting flavor profile in Tuesday’s mac n’ cheese.  

BLACK CONE SALT: Great for bbq, with premium meats and cheeses, over yogurt, or with your favorite snacks. 

GAVILÁN SALT: Garlic bread, over popcorn, in sauces and soups, sprinkle over avocado toast, on those potatoes, in salad dressings and marinades, or over premium meats.