Chef's Box Set

Chef's Box Set

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A wonderful curation of 4 amazing salts!

Included is the base of everything we do, our Pico Blanco Salt. We are also proud to represent the 831 with the spicy workhorse of all of our blends, Elote Salt. Rounding third in this homerun of the hearth is the chef's favorite, Black Cone Salt. And, finally, as a nod to our extremely popular neighbor - Gilroy, California... Gavilán; a Big Sur infused garlic salt you're sure to love!

INGREDIENTS: 4 oz each

PICO BLANCO SALT - 100% hand harvested coarse salt from Big Sur, CA. 

ELOTE SALT - Pico Blanco sea salt, chipotle pepper, cilantro, garlic, lemon, lime.

BLACK CONE SALT - oak smoked Pico Blanco flake salt, activated charcoal.

GAVILÁN SALT - Pico Blanco sea salt, Christopher Ranch organic garlic, green onion, organic minced garlic, mustard flower.



PICO BLANCO SALT: As a finishing salt. Over greens or avocado toast. Daily use, in your salt grinder.

ELOTE SALT: Recommended in any dish that requires a smoky, spicy flavor. It will “next level” your weekend barbecue or create a totally new, interesting flavor profile in Tuesday’s mac n’ cheese.  

BLACK CONE SALT: Great for bbq, with premium meats and cheeses, over yogurt, or with your favorite snacks. 

GAVILÁN SALT: Garlic bread, over popcorn, in sauces and soups, sprinkle over avocado toast, on those potatoes, in salad dressings and marinades, or over premium meats.