Diablo - REFILL
Diablo - REFILL

Diablo - REFILL

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Hey, maybe you have a container and you just want this salt, in a recyclable paper bag, for a few bucks less.

Inspired by Devil's Peak in the Ventana Wilderness, "Diablo" is everything you'd expect from a long, hot Summer hike in the backcountry. Once past the beauty of the place, the heat builds quickly. As you taste the salt in the sweat rolling down your face, you're gonna wanna give up; you may even shed a tear, but the feeling of accomplishment keeps you going while the wind at the top is there to cool you and fan you with a light, Pacific Ocean breeze.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Blueberry and mild burn

Blueberry wild salt, habañero, anaheim, chile de arbol, jalapeño, blueberry.


  • Sea bass and other white fish
  • Poultry
  • Rim salt for beverages
  • On a burger!


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