Castrochill Salt - REFILL
Castrochill Salt - REFILL

Castrochill Salt - REFILL

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Hey, maybe you have a container and you just want this salt, in a recyclable paper bag, for a few bucks less.

23 miles North of Big Sur, as you begin to venture into our agriculture, you'll find Castroville, California; a little town with a lotta heart.
Castroville may be small in size compared to neighboring cities, but it is home to 2/3 of America's artichoke crop. Known as the "Artichoke Center of the World", Castroville specializes in heirloom Green Globe artichokes, which were first noted in the area around 1863, but date back to ancient times in the Mediterranean.

Every year in May, Castroville throws the biggest artichoke party in the world, the Artichoke Festival, where you'll find chef demos, an agro art competition, a farmer's market, and plenty of off-the-wall and tasty artichoke treats to enjoy. To top the event off, an Artichoke Queen is named. In 1948, that Queen was Marilyn Monroe who happened to be attending the event due to a scheduling mix-up.

We are proud to source California's official state vegetable from Pezzini Farms, in Castroville. Our "Castrochill Salt" is a nod to one of the region's most famous crops, the hella chill little town you can explore by foot, and the funky steamed or fried treats you'll be tempted with, throughout your visit.



Pico Blanco sea salt, Pezzini Farms Green Globe artichoke, lemon, cucumber, canteloupe.


  • over steamed artichokes
  • across your favorite greens
  • chicken and fish


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