Black Cone Salt
Black Cone Salt

Black Cone Salt

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A hike to Black Cone is one of the first backcountry hikes that our founder ever took in Big Sur. There are unique features on the journey to Black Cone that you can't find anywhere else in the world. Not only does it provide a majestic 360 degree view of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range, the trek is also home to the rare and endemic Santa Lucia fir trees. Getting to see these treasures has to be earned. It can be quite an unforgiving hike where the trail sometimes disappears and reappears.

Our Black Cone Salt is inspired by this journey. The ocean air rides high above, the view is unforgettable, and the dry crunch of the flake and shadows cast new adventures to your favorite foods.

NOTE: Due to a packaging backorder, we have temporarily switched to a 2oz version. Still glass with a bamboo lid, but not the version pictured. Prices have been lowered to reflect the change. 



oak smoked Pico Blanco flake salt, activated charcoal.


  • bbq
  • premium meats and fish
  • chocolate, sweets, and ice cream
  • with your favorite snacks