Big Sur Flake Salt
Big Sur Flake Salt

Big Sur Flake Salt

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Kinda speaks for itself, but if you're interested in the cleanest (by filtration) flake salt that, for years, we have been only selling to restaurants up to Michelin level, high end beauty companies, award winning chocolatiers, and the like... we are now offering our beautiful flake salt to everyone. 

No gatekeeping; we just didn't produce enough to have it universally available. That being said, we are very excited to offer another salt in our Appellations series!

Never had flake? 

The unmistakable crunch, the mineral-rich burst of Big Sur salt that shines like the California sun (beyond the marine layer), and the quick departure, leaving you eagerly anticipating the next bite... sigh emoji.

Once you go flake, I mean, you never really go back to whatever you care to rhyme with flake. 


100% hand harvested flake salt from Big Sur, CA. 


● as a finishing salt for all meats.

● over all salads and all desserts, no exception.

● "I don't like raw vegetables." Well, you do now.

● over eggs.

● if you make your own butter, top it.