Airbnb Experience Tour

Airbnb Experience Tour

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We'll meet you in downtown Monterey, CA. where we can park our cars for several hours. There are a few parking lots that have full day rates and per hour rates. This tour takes approximately 5 hours. 

From there, we'll hop on an experience-only shuttle bus and drive to one or more of our (Big Sur Salts - sea salt farms in Big Sur! 

At these locations, we will show you where your food comes from and how the natural environment creates sea salt along the coast of Big Sur. 

We then head over to one of our greenhouse facilities to show you how we recreate what was seen and learned about sea salt crystal formation along the coast. 

Then we'll travel back to Monterey and spend an hour or so at a local restaurant where we eat a few appetizers that include our salt! 

Finally, you get to create a salt blend with ingredients we provide, so you can take home a piece of Big Sur!

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