Ocean to Table Experience
Ocean to Table Experience
Ocean to Table Experience
Ocean to Table Experience
Ocean to Table Experience

Ocean to Table Experience

Regular price $250.00

We'll meet you in downtown Monterey, CA. where we can park our cars for several hours. There are a few parking lots that have full day rates and per hour rates. On Sundays, downtown street parking is free. This tour takes approximately 5 hours. 

From there, we'll hop on an experience-only *shuttle bus and drive to one or more of our sea salt farms in Big Sur! 

At these locations, we will show you where your food comes from and how the natural environment creates sea salt along the coast of Big Sur. 

We then head over to one of our greenhouse facilities to show you how we recreate what was seen and learned about sea salt crystal formation along the coast. 

Then we'll travel back to Monterey and spend an hour or so at a local restaurant where we eat a few menu items that include our salt! 

Finally, you get to create a salt blend with ingredients we provide, so you can take home a piece of Big Sur!



*shuttle bus requires groups of 5 or more. Smaller groups must utilize personal vehicles or a carpool between locations. If you'd like to opt out of shuttle service, there is a discounted price available. 

Price is per person. 

Age restriction of 12 and older. Unfortunately, due to the terrain, we can't accommodate those that use wheelchairs.

The air can get chilly in Big Sur. The terrain is also quite unforgiving. Expect to walk on loose dirt and we will traverse rocks. Hiking boots/shoes are a must, long pants are the best (poison oak grows along the trails), and a windbreaker or similar is recommended. Bring some water, as well. 

Experiences can be booked up to a week in advance. Only add-ons will be accepted from that point.

Experiences can be booked for most dates. Currently, we are only accepting dates between April and October. Once you book, you will receive an email confirmation. 

Cancellations can be made up to a week in advance. Refunds are only issued if the cancellation is 7 days or greater.

Big Sur Salts is not responsible for personal items left behind. Please leave all valuables in the trunk of your car. 

We want you to be safe, and we will not place you in danger, but your safety is your responsibility. All individuals will be presented with a liability waiver at the beginning of the Experience. Waivers must be signed, dated and returned to the guide prior to beginning any Experience.