Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia

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With our 3rd annual rotation in the Santa Lucia wine salt series, Boekenoogen Bell Ranch Vineyard Petite Sirah moved us in a direction we love, but weren't yet familiar with. With all the wonderful red wines that the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA offers, a Petite Sirah as inky and bold as this one quickly became the favorite. 

This 2015 Petite Sirah features dark fruits, coffee, oak, and pepper in a full bodied wine with luscious tannins. It made sense to use a wine such as this, because cooking with it revealed so many levels and so much culinary potential. 

Bathed in red wine from the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA (American Viticultural Area), this salt brings the unique, robust and sought-after flavor of the region’s grapes to your table in a new form. Located on the eastern slopes of the Santa Lucia Mountains, where morning fog and ocean breezes roll in from Monterey Bay and are quickly followed by warm afternoons, the SLH produce some of California’s most celebrated grapes. The wine of choice is rotated annually after intensive research by our maker.

Pico Blanco finishing salt, Boekenoogen Bell Ranch Vineyard Petite Sirah wild salt, cherries, blackberries, pink and white peppercorns, organic Peru coffee chaff.


  • As a finishing salt on premium butcher quality meats
  • Excellent on a grilled mushroom medley
  • Perfect with green, leafy salads