Craft salt with Santa Lucia AVA red wine
Big Sur Salts blend with Santa Lucia AVA red wine

Santa Lucia (2017)

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Bathed in red wine from the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA (American Viticultural Area), this salt brings the unique, robust and sought-after flavor of the region’s grapes to your table in a new form. Located on the eastern slopes of the Santa Lucia Mountains, where morning fog and ocean breezes roll in from Monterey Bay and are quickly followed by warm afternoons, the SLH produce some of California’s most celebrated grapes. The wine of choice is rotated annually after intensive research by our maker.

Pico Blanco flake salt, Scheid Vineyards Triple Layer Red Flake Salt, Raspberries, Blackberries, Cracked Coriander Seeds


  • This is great with cheese and crackers. Especially with Monterey Jack.
  • Use on a caprese salad.
  • Red meat finishing salt.
  • Perfect as a marinade for just about anything.