Limited Edition 3 Pack

Limited Edition 3 Pack

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We are now offering monthly, limited edition 3 packs of salts! These will include 2 of our most popular/best seller blends and 1 blend that we only sell in the Monterey Bay area, due to limited supply.

For March 2019, we're including our Pico Blanco, Elote, and Alvarado blends!



This blend was inspired by a stroll down our favorite "Main Street", Alvarado Street in Monterey, California.

Starting at the Cooper-Molera building, we begin with the jasmine just above Lallapalooza. Crossing, we have Spanish lavender petals in the walkway to Tyler St. The bee pollen is a tip of the hat to "Bee's Knees"- the best selling product at our favorite ice cream shop, "Revival Ice Cream". Crossing again, we have our own award winning craft brewery, Alvarado Street Brewery, where the blueberry ale in this blend is made, and we end at the Sensory Garden, behind the Pacific House, where the lemon and jasmine thrive.


Alvarado Street Brewery "Biggie's Blueberry Brunch Bonanza" wild salt, blueberry, jasmine petal, bee pollen, Spanish lavender petal, lemon verbena.


  • salads and greens
  • ice cream, cheeses, and yogurts
  • great on fish!
  • sprinkle on granola blends or popcorn