Fleur de Sur

Fleur de Sur

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A bright and aromatic salt blend that inspired our founder to start the company and introduce the world to the magic of the area. This beautiful salt began as a foraged product from Las Piedras Canyon in Big Sur, where the inception of Big Sur Salts occured.

The founder was so enchanted by the natural environment he wanted everyone to experience it for themselves without having to set foot on the trails. The visuals and aromatics are a true representation of the meadow in which Big Sur Salts was founded. The salt in the blend is harvested in the exact manner that Fleur de Sel is harvested, with our own twist.

* Due to the hyper-locality of the ingredients, this blend is only available via the online store. It is not available for wholesale. 


Pico Blanco flake salt, California lilac flowers, mustard flowers, mallow flowers.


  • replace your daily salt with this blend.
  • Incredible finishing and/or plating salt.
  • Invigorate that avocado toast!